Laughin’-N-Learnin’ (LH-14519/14520) 1976?
















The list of women with dummies just grows and grows Laughin’-N- Leamin’ is another set of live routines from another lovable twosome:Vicki and Rocky Shane. I can understand Vicki just fine, but Rocky’s itty-bitty whine is a bit more difficult to comprehend as he converses through things like ‘Running In The Church’, ‘False Teeth’, ‘13 Rocky A Christian’ and ‘Rocky’s Testimony’. A very home-made production as the periodic microphone feedback problems remind you. Several opportunities to hear Rocky get shoved back into his suitcase (along with his accompanying protests). No songs on this one — it’s all spoken. The audience seems to dig them, especially with all the inside jokes. A lot more subdued than Geraldine & Ricky and the rest, but still just as fun, plus it’s another great cover photo to add to your gallery. Not sure where they’re from, but there’s a thanks to a church in Rio Frio, Texas. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).







I have not acquired this album yet.Thank you Ken for the B&W archivist photo.