Sacred Hawaiian Melodies (Sacred LPS 6027) 1967?
















I confess to being a lounge lizard of sorts, scooping up old Les Baxter and Martin Denny records whenever I get the chance. It never really occurred to me that there might be “Christian” examples of such, but a small case could possibly be made for Bud Tutmarc and his Hawaiian guitar. Although lacking the percussive element that distinguishes some of the more sought after exotica pieces, Bud’s soft weeping guitar coupled with Mark Davidson’s luxuriant pipe organ accompaniment definitely manages to ooze forth a glorious lush atmospheric reverie. One might legitimately ask what differentiates Christian instrumental lounge music from secular instrumental lounge music. Well, aside from the lack of tiki gods or bosomy babes on the covers, the obvious answer would have to be the song selection, in this case twelve hymns with titles like ‘My Beautiful King Of Kings’, ‘Nail Scarred Hand’ and ‘In Love With The Lover Of My Soul’. I only recognized a couple though, so for me the effect was not much different than background music at a Polynesian restaurant. So whether it be praising the Lord Hawaiian style or sipping a mai-tai in your hammock, let Bud Tutmarc supply the mood. He’s got tons of other records, some more traditional sounding than others. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Some historic information and trivia questions for you. While researching these albums I made some interesting discoveries. Bud’s father was Paul Tutmarc founder of Audivox Manufacturing of Seattle, WA. Paul is now considered the father of the electric bass. and for bringing the Bass from stand-up to horizontal guitar like instrument. Paul also expermented or electrified such other instruments as piano, zither, steele guitar. Some of the places to read more about Paul’s work can be found online here, here, here or in the following books Technology of the Guitar By Richard Mark French pp.330-334 and How the Fender Bass Changed the World By Jim Roberts pp. 28-30. Bud also made improvements to the Hawaiian steel guitar.

















I have not acquired this album yet.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1My Beautiful King Of King
1-2In Love With The Lover Of My Soul
1-3End Of The Trail
1-4He Hideth My Soul
1-6When They Ring The Golden Bells
2-1Be Ready
2-2Hold My Hand
2-3Nail Scarred Hand
2-4One Master
2-5No One Ever Cared
2-6Melody Divine