Adventures Of Uncle Cousin (Forge 81965-1) 1972?














After hearing endless ladies and their dummies in their Southern voices, it’s a refreshing alternative to hear this male ventriloquist rattling along in his manly New York accent. Bill was director of evangelism for Children’s Bible Fellowship of New York City. Uncle Cousin is his male dummy. Herein is their collection of songs and stories, titles for the latter including ‘Uncle Cousin Visits The Grand Canyon’, ‘Uncle Cousin Makes Excuses’, ‘Uncle Cousin Visits The Fire Department’, ‘Uncle Cousin Can’t Be Clean’ and ‘Uncle Cousin A Trusty Policeman’. The peak moment would have to be Uncle Cousin’s song about a Christian cowboy (complete with upper-register yodels), while his “be a fireman for Jesus” song takes a close second place. Another interesting section is where Uncle Cousin is corrected on information he got from “Castro the Cuban Communist”. Interspersed with a few traditional hymns sung by Ed Lyman. Has the feel of an old radio broadcast. A fine b&w photo of the twosome graces the front cover. Clarksville, Tennessee custom label. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).








I have not acquired this album yet.  Thank you Ken for the b&w photo in the Archivist.  Thank you abacus for the track list.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Ed Lyman - Springs Of Living Water
1-2Uncle Cousin Visits The Grand Canyon
1-3Ed Lyman - But Jesus Would
1-4Uncle Cousin Makes Excuses
2-1Uncle Cousin Visits The Fire Department
2-2Ed Lyman - Jesus Came Down
2-3Uncle Cousin Can't Be Clean
2-4Ed Lyman - When He Cometh
2-5Uncle Cousin A Trusty Policeman