A Song To The God We Love (AR 5571) 1979








Besset, Meyette, Sessions - Song To The God We Love




A collection of folk/praise songs written and performed by James Bessert, Richard Meyette, and Phillip Sessions with a few assisting musicians. Joyous melodic worshipful almost choral feel using guitars, piano, flute, and trumpet – a sound that brings to mind the music of the St. Louis Jesuits from the same era A couple songs in particular are absolutely lovely – ‘Canticle Of Trust’ and ‘Praise! Praise The Lord! ’. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet.  Thank you Donald for locating a front cover photo and track list.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1A song to the God we love
1-2Canticle of trust
1-3Let the children come to me
1-4This day in New Jerusalem
1-5An everlasting song
2-1Come to the Lord
2-2Angels' proclamation --Anamnesis IV
2-3Doxology and amen
2-4And by night a song
2-5Praise! praise the Lord!