Star Of The Morning (Myrrh   MSB-6707)  1982














This album is not in the Archivist. I did notice that there has been a complete change in personnel on this album and while it still has a synthesizer there is a new person in Keith Thomas playing instead of Kim Rose. This album also uses Pinebrook Strings and Brass as well as having some background singers. I have included it as part of the Sonlight Orchestra discography for those who enjoyed the earlier work. I believe this was also their last album.     diakoneo















Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Follow You2:41
1-2Livin' Without Your Love3:31
1-4Leavin' On My Mind3:14
1-5Nobody Knows Me Like You3:08
2-1Star Of The Morning3:47
2-2Only For The Love Of The Lord3:02
2-3What I Can Do3:04
2-4Who Am I?4:37
2-5Trumpet Of Jesus3:33