The Son Seekers (Artronics ART 7454) 1975?








Son Seekers, The








The better songs on this St. Cloud, Minnesota guy/gal custom 1p have the folk/pop appeal of the Gamble Folk. That shouldn’t be surprising, since a couple of those titles are in fact Gamble Folk songs, namely ‘Come On Down To The River’ and ‘Floppin’ Fish’, both of which feature decent acoustic guitar picking. ‘He Cared’ has a nice soft electric glow with flute backing. Most of the remaining selections, however, tend to be either easy listening ballads or piano/brass contemporary gospel. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Son Seekers - Son (Bck)

I have not acquired this album yet.  Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo and song list.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1I Just Came To Praise The Lord
1-2He Cared
1-3What Does Jesus Mean To You
1-4Floppin' Fish
1-5If You Had Been There
2-1His Name Is Jesus
2-2Come On Down To The River
2-3Didn't He Shine
2-4The Savior Is Waiting
2-5It's Not Just A Story
2-6Amazing Grace