Sounds Of The Son (Good Vibrations GV—144) 1979?








Sounds Of The Son








Eight-person Catholic folk group, half male, half female, doing basic acoustic covers of songs by The St. Louis Jesuits and The Dameans. Mellow sound, slow and calm for the most  part, with soft dreamy harmonies backed by acoustic guitars, string bass and banjo. Songs like ‘You Are My Sons’, ‘I Lift Up My Soul’, ‘Though The Mountains May Fall’, ‘Beginning Today’, etc, closing with David Yantis’ ‘The Lord’s Prayer’. Not much as fax as originality, but pleasant enough I guess. From St. Pius X Parish in Chula Vista, California. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).







Sounds of the Sun








I have not acquired this album yet.  Thank you Brian for the rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1You Are My Sons
1-2The Lord Is Near
1-3I Lift Up My Soul
1-4Sing Alleluia Sing
1-5Remember Your Love
1-6Mountains and Hills
2-1Planted Wheat
2-2Beginning Today
2-3Though The Mountains May Fall
2-4You Are Near
2-5Feed On Me
2-6The Lord’s Prayer