Till The Whole World Knows (Zondervan ZLP 754) 1968?








Sons Of Thunder-front








Man this thing is old old old. And that $1.98 pre—printed price on the front cover is certain beyond my remembrance. I debated for several minutes before finally plunking down my dollar, thinking that the Zondervan label couldn’t possibly have done anything remotely interesting. Surprise – it’s cool stuff. The conservative gospel music moguls of the day must have been taking a nap when this thing slipped through the cracks. ‘I Don’t Know Why’ starts things off with a ‘96 Tears’ organ riff and driving beat right before the ‘60s girl group sound chimes in. And that ‘60s gals meets electric beat with groovy go-go organ basement pop sound keeps up throughout the whole lp. Catchy upbeat tunes (‘He Arose’, ‘I Am Persuaded’, ‘He’s Walking With Me’, ‘New Life Now To Live’), fragile trippy melancholy sentiments (‘Like The Wind’). edgy laid-back plugged-in ballads (‘I Want To Be’), garage ‘ rock (‘Those Who Wait On The Lord’), even a successful stab at psychedelia in ‘New Wine’. Mostly original songs, plus a cover of Curtis Mayfield’s ‘People Get Ready’. Underpinned with solid drum beats and garagy electric guitar work throughout. And for a refreshing switch it’s the three womenfolk who are at the forefront of the line-up, donning electric bass and acoustic guitar and sitting behind the keys, while their two male cohorts pick up drums and electric guitar. Missing instrumental solo breaks, but hey, can’t have everything. Only later did I realize it’s the same group as the Day Fallows Night album below; at least a couple members would carry on from this their college days. Don’t forget this one in your early Jesus music discussions. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).








Sons Of Thunder-back








Thank you George for the front and rear cover photos.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1I Don't Know Why1:36
1-2I Want To Be 3:31
1-3He Arose3:11
1-4People Get Ready2:33
1-5I Am Persuaded3:46
2-1He's Walking With Me2:47
2-2Like The Wind1:50
2-3New Wine2:14
2-4New Life Now To Live3:27
2-5Those Who Wait On The Lord2:57