We Tell Them About Jesus (Rite 29545/6) 1972?





Sorry I have not found any cover photos of this album.




Although side one of this family’s custom record is traditional gospel numbers, side two is extreeeeeme puppet-hood insanity of the highest order. The Williams Family consists of the Rev. Williams (first name not identified), his wife and his teen-ish son. The Rev gets all the dummy duties, and he’s got four of them to contend with. Herman and Myrtle appear to be apes decked out in hip ‘60s clothing (“former hippies” the cover says), while Louie and the other unidentified character look like burnout rejects from the Banana Splits. Check out Herman, Myrtle and Louie as they hysterically shriek, growl and scream through unimaginany painful guitar-backed renditions of ‘If You’re Saved And You Know It’, ‘This Little Light Of Mine’ and ‘Joy To The World’, the latter with an explanation that the prophet Jeremiah was not a bullfrog. Also the story of ‘Abraham And Isaac’ as told by Herman and the Rev (with a reference to “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing”). Simple plain graphics for the front, so not really a cover gallery contender, but the music’s certainly guaranteed to make you smile (or rather wince). Also titled The Ministries Oleie Williams Family. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).








I have not acquired this album yet.