If I Were President (Family Tree FT 103) 1977















If I’m reading this one right, Uncle Sam is in real life named Terry Horn. Apparently he was in cahoots with Captain Hook, since there’s an introduction and write-up by the Captain on the back. In fact Uncle Sam got his start on Captain Hook’s TV show ‘Pirate Adventures With Captain Hook’ (now there’s something needs to be released on DVD!). If I Were President is another Uncle gem, with selections like ‘Pledge Of Allegiance’, ‘Color Of US. Flag’, ‘Story Of Original Uncle Sam’ and the title track reading like a primer on God and Country. Joining the Uncle for this recording are his assorted Muplets, a curly-haired black dummy and Mrs. America (Carrie Horn). My favorite character Scripture Monster returns, sniffing out the Scripture cookies that are in Mrs. America’s possession. The session where everyone joins voices and has a collective group laugh at the devil is rather interesting, as is W. C. Frog’s hilarious bungling of the books of the New Testament in a W. C. Fields voice. Then there’s ‘Mafia Phone Call’ featuring a conversation (in stereotype gangster voices) between Rocky and his recently—converted Boss. Front cover photo shows the Uncle standing atop a crate in front of the White House, with companions bearing signs stating “America needs Jesus”, “Prayer back in schools”, ‘US wants U in God’s army” and “Vote for Unk”. Cover says “free American flag inside”, but mine was gone (darn). (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

This was my first album for kids. All photos were taken in DC.
I met with Johnny Cash while I was in Nashville conducting a
crusade and he agreed to do the record album notes on the
back for me. I decided to use the letter from Captain Hook
a fellow children’s minister at the time. Hook and I were best
of friends and he was very well known around the country at
the time. NOTE: The man who produced this album
Larry McCoy, was Johnny Cash’s former piano player.

Dr. Terry Horn

Is this a great year to post this album or what, with all the candidates throwing their hats in the ring.    diakoneo

You can find Uncle Sam and the Muplets at Uncle Sam’s Web Site. Uncle Sam is Dr. Terry Horn one of the early pioneers in Christian childrens records and more.  He is still working for our youth. Also read his comments below.










Uncle Sam for President

This is a photo of really happened when
you don’t get a permit to have a photo
session in DC. Eight DC cops rolled up
and shut me down just as we were getting
ready to take the first shot. After much
prayer and gentle words the cops stopped
traffic for me to get the right photo for my record
Dr. Terry Horn





  Thank you Uncle Same for the rear cover and other Photos.