Uncle Sam And His All Saved Muplet Band (no label, no #) 1980?












UNCLESAM&ALLFThe picture disc front.



Picture we used on the back of the picture disc.










Not to be confused with the All Saved Freak Band, here’s Uncle Sam and the All Saved Muplet Band There’s no info on my copy as to who exactly Uncle Sam is, but he’s all dressed up in red, white and blue like his patriotic namesake, including a dignified tuft of gray beard. He’s got himself a bald-headed dummy and a host of “Muplets”, i.e., puppets that are close brethren to the Muppets. Very close in some cases — I see carbon copies of Kermit the Frog, Grover and Cookie Monster that look like a lawsuit just waiting to happen. The latter has been converted into Scripture Monster and is shown holding cookies that bear Scripture references. There are some priceless routines in these grooves, like the one where the highly obnoxious uncooperative Scripture Monster barges in on a Sunday School class and proceeds to cause havoc. Or the one where J .R. is repeatedly invaded by snickering monsters and goons under the bed – that is until Uncle Sam recognizes it as the devil and orders him out in Jesus’ name. Then there’s ‘Blowing The Whistle On Satan’ where a group of kids are instructed to give a loud blow on a whistle for each work of the devil that Uncle Sam reads from his list. I don’t know if these tots know what idol worship, the occult and homosexuality are, but they seem to be blowing their whistles anyway. Other cuts include ‘If The Flag Could Talk’, ‘Sherlock Bomes From Scotland Lard’, ‘Special Delivery Package’ and ‘Bifford Sings Jesus Is The Light’ (Bifford = another very uncooperative Muplet who can’t sing). All these skits fly by in a fast nervous too-much—caffeine pace while jazzy electric piano frills playfully trickle along in the background And to top it all off, the album is a picture disc – one side features a photo of the Uncle and his gang, the other a colorful drawing of the bunch. Eat your heart out Kermit. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


This was my second album for kids. It didn’t sell very well so
I had it changed over to a picture disc which did very well in
support sales for our ministry. It was the only picture disc
in the Christian market for kids at the time.
Most if not all of these cuts were ad-lib style material. Some script
was used but not very much.
J.R.’s Bedtime was done in a radio station and totally off the cuff.
Dr. Terry Horn

You can find Uncle Sam and the Muplets at Uncle Sam’s Web Site. Uncle Sam is Dr. Terry Horn one of the early pioneers in Christian childrens records and more.  He is still working for our youth. Also read his comments below.















I have not acquired this album yet.