Time To Dance (WOW WPPVD 113) 1978














Most all the garage and rock angles are gone here, traded for a polished blend of r&b, jazz, pop and disco. Man, talk about a stylistic about face. He’s even got that dreaded John Travolta finger-in—the—air pose on the cover! Obviously I was disappointed at first, but after a while I began to appreciate it for what it was. The grooves are slick and professional with soulful female backing vocals, swinging saxophones, and funky bass, guitar and keyboards. By golly he’s Hall & Oates, Gino Vanelli and Spyro Gyra all wrapped up in one! Had to shut my curtains so I could put on my dancin’ shoes and do a few little maneuvers of my own. Not sure what’s up with the variation on his name. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Paul Vergilio Dionisio Time To DanceR

I have not acquired this album yet.  Thank you Donald for the track list.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1He Sent His Word3:35
1-2God Can Do It All For You3:13
1-3Still Sweeter Every Day2:53
2-1Best Of God’s Heart4:14
2-2Do My Will2:43
2-3I Like To Witness3:05