Out Of Darkness (Key KL006) 1970 UK *








Out Of Darkness






Virtual Tyrannosaurus Rex of early Jesus music crawling out from the London underground on Britain’s pioneering Key label. This is the one folks – a heavy duty classic hard rock scorcher with tons of loud blistering electric guitar work. Ray Powell is the man behind all that guitar, joined by Carl Grant on bass, Tim Anderson on drums, and Tony Goodman on lead vocals and harmonica. These guys fall right in line with the late-‘60s bluesy sounds of Hendrix and Cream on driving rockers like ‘On Solid Rock’, ‘Who Is To Blame’, ‘There You See A Stranger’, ‘Light’ and ‘Closin’ In On Me’ (note the strong similarities to Hendrix’s ‘Fire’ on the latter). Also samples loud stomping blues-rock with wailing harmonica (‘Lemonade And Peanuts’) and minor-key psychedelic folk with hypnotic percussion (‘Homeland’). ‘Thank You Lord’ chugs along with some punchy Stones rhythm guitar, while ‘Hustle Bustle’ features nifty jazz-influenced guitar. Still room for a couple ballads in ‘Wings Of The Morning’ and ‘Dreamaway — Stevie’s Song’. Intriguing pink and purple band cover photo (no smiles) with negative image on the back (Anderson’s nifty fedora is beyond cool). Grant and Powell are both black, making Out Of Darkness one of the few interracial Christian rock bands on the early scene. Must’ve been the gutsiest thing ever released on a Christian label at the time. Pretty hard for the common man to come by, too, as psych collectors “discovered” it a few years ago and ensuing bid wars successfully shot the thing up near 4-digit figures for a while. For the more budget minded, a re-issue from 1990 is available with a limited pressing of 500, albeit with a totally different cover that opens up into a 6-panel poster. See also CD section. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


















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Song #Song TitleTime
1-2Thank You Lord 3:14
1-3On Solid Rock4:00
1-4Wings Of The Morning3:29
1-6Lemonade And Peanuts2:40
1-7Closing In On Me4:10
2-1Who Is To Blame3:16
2-2Hustle Bustle2:25
2-3Dreamaway - Stevie's Song3:13
2-4There You See A Stranger3:47