Dawning Of The Day (Generation LPM/S 500) 1971?







Our Generation - Dawning Of The Day







What do you get when you combine the heavy fuzz guitar of Earthen Vessel, the swirling organ of Azitis and the joyous male/female harmonies of The Bridge? You get a humongous garage/psych monster by the name of Our Generation. This Nyack, New York outfit’s debut is easily one of the top Jesus psych privates. Opens with the hard-driving rocker ‘11th Hour’, followed by the chilling downer minor-key ‘Near The End’ with heavy droning distorted fuzz, eerie vocals and lyrics dealing with death and despair. ‘Love’ provides some animated ‘60s garage-rockin’ fun with a bratty abrasive fuzz riff that sounds like it came straight out of the Rhino Nuggets boxed set. Lots of dynamic organ throughout, as on the high-energy ‘Look — Out’ (which again hits us with another venomous explosion of fuzz), ‘Jesus In Your Life’ (coupled with nice wah-wah electric guitar) and ‘Can You Make It?’ with its dissonant spoken-word psychedelic intro. Even the quieter melodic tracks like ‘Beyond Yourself’ and ‘I Can See Forever’ definitely have that sought-after tripped-out edge. The title track closes out the lp with a slow dreamy mysterious psych mood. All original songs and every single one is a winner, with creative vocal arrangements and sincere Jesus-centered lyrics. Faint yellow-on-white cover art with hills, sunflower and chain of figures holding hands, Raise your hands and worship at high volume. Awesome! (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).












Our Generation - Dawning (Bck)







Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-111th Hour4:45
1-2Near The End4:45
1-3Beyond Yourself3:30
1-5Jesus In Your Life3:25
2-1Can You Make It5:25
2-3I Can See Forever4:10
2-4Dawning Of The Day 5:20