Gentle Breeze (Gospel Now Sound 102157/8) 1975?








Owens, Jon - Gentle Breeze








Talented black folk-singer and guitarist whose gentle acoustic style echoes the simple calm and beauty of Phil Keaggy. Everything you hear on Gentle Breeze is Jon, both the instruments and the vocal harmonies. He uses acoustic, classical, and 12-stiing guitars, mixing his own leads over-top the basic lines for that dual guitar sound Includes versions of songs by Debby Kemer (‘Blessed Be The Day’, ‘St. John 16:33’) and Malcolm & Alwyn (‘Fools Wisdom’). Many of the remaining titles appear to be originals, although only ‘Psalm 1’ (a beautiful moody ballad) is credited to Jon. ‘Julie’, another ballad, includes the sound of birds singing and wind blowing in the background. Nice guitar work and minor-key mood on ‘Jesus Is Coming Soon’. A rare custom album from Springfield, Ohio, with one of those generic sunset photos on the front. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).









I have not acquired this album yet.