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Time To Run would be a fairly run-of—the—mill film sound-track were it not for the presence of three otherwise unavailable performances by none other than Randy Stonehill. Not that his covers of his own ‘I Love You’ (two versions, one with a band, the other done acoustically) and Tedd Smith’s ‘Gone Away’ are anything to write home about, still the typical Stonehill collector ain’t gonna care. The remaining selections are all composed by Tedd Smith who also arranged and conducted the project. Not as intriguing as some of Tedd’s other albums like Smash And Grab World or New Vibrations mainly due to the shifting musical styles, but overall I’d say better than average as far as these let’s-reach the—teens efforts go. The selections with lead vox by Jerry Whitman and Barbara Siegel stand up well, especially Barbara on the lovely acoustic number ‘Traveling Man’. And the instrumental title track is a fun groovy ‘70s Shaft/Superfly-like piece of cheese suitable for space age bachelor pad relaxation. The remaining songs with ensemble vocals are of less interest. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Catch Me
Vocals – Jerry Whitman

1-2I Love You (Part I)
Vocals – Randy Stonehill

1-3I Love You (Part II)
Vocals – Randy Stonehill

1-4Time To Run 2:35
1-5Traveling Man
Vocals – Barbara Sigel

1-6Gone Away
Vocals – Randy Stonehill

2-1Because We Understand Each Other
Vocals – Jerry Whitman

2-2Alleluia! 2:46
2-3Isn't It Good To Know (Where You're Going)
Vocals – Jerry Whitman

2-4Meditation 1:42
2-5What Shall I Give Unto The Lord 3:49