Come With Us! (High Life I-lL-1970) 1970?





Three Faces, The - Come With Us

From somewhere down in them Louisiana parts come these “three young Christians who aren’t afraid to set forth their beliefs in the sounds of both contemporary rock and religious folk music”. Low—budget ‘60s adult folk would seem to be the overriding vibe for these fellows, including covers of both popular songs (‘Traces’, ‘Sounds Of Silence’, ‘Never My Love’) and spiritual numbers (‘People Get Ready’, ‘Come With Me’, ‘I’d Rather Have Jesus’). Actually not too bad a record, much better than I expected. Joining the acoustic guitars and soft vocal harmonies are organ, electric bass, drums and female background vocals. The organ in particular gives their sound a slight edge. I found myself actually liking their unique home-grown versions of ‘Abraham, Martin & John’ and ‘Jesus Is A Soul Man’ — songs I usually don’t bat an eye at. Even the home-made trumpet backing on a couple of the songs seems to work well. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet.