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Tell It Like It Is








Contrary to what you might deduce from reading my write-ups, I do happen to enjoy some easy listening pop music every now and then. Good easy listening, that is. Easy listening with an edge. Some of my personal idols in the genre would be Free Design (of course), Sergio Mendes and Burt Bacharach. Ralph Carmichael impresses me as sort of a Christian version the latter. The songs are nowhere near as catchy as Burt’s, but the arrangements can be right up there. Ralph’s obviously a very important figure in contemporary Christian music, and having re-evaluated his music over the years I’ve often come to discover a unique quality to his projects. Tell It Like It Is, “a folk musical about God”, was co-written with Kurt Kaiser and is perhaps Ralph’s most popular work. How many countless groups have covered Carrnichael’s ‘Love Is Surrender’, or Kaiser’s ‘Master Designer’, “That’s For Me’ and ‘Pass It On’? Nineteen songs plus some small dialogue bits, all performed by the Kurt Kaiser Singers in a pseudo-flower-power pop/easy listening style, alternating choral and solo vocals. It’s still all a bit too happy for me and if this is “folk” music then so is the theme song from Love American Style. Personally I think the guys achieved hipper results with Natural High (see entry), nevertheless Tell It Like It Is remains a key album in the history of ccm. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Kurt Kaiser - Tell It Like It Is  back

I have not acquired this album yet.  Thank you Brian for the rear cover photo.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-01Tell It Like Is
1-02Brother, Let Me Take Your Hand
1-03Check Him Out
1-04What's God Like?
1-05Master Designer
1-06I Believe God Is Real
1-07Do As I Say
1-08Rosy Tinted Glasses
1-09Our Turn At Bat
1-10The Good Old Days
1-11When It's Gone
1-12Consider Now The Lily
2-03A New Mind
2-04That's For Me
2-05A New Mind - Reprise
2-06That's The Way It Is
2-07Love Is Surrender
2-08He's There Waiting
2-09Pass It On
2-10Tell It Like Is - Reprise