Wie Ein Baum Will Ich Sein (Lord 33527) 1979 Germany *








Tittmann, Heike - Wie Ein Baum








Female German singer who picked up on the disco craze, coupling it with com, pop, rock and new wave for her solo release. Enough of an edge here and there to justify nudging her up alongside ladies like Geri Baird and early Sheila Walsh. Five of the songs are sung in German, the other five in English, including a cover of Keith Green’s ‘To Obey Is Better’. Notable electric guitar crunch on a few songs, growling away with wah—wah on ‘Ja Er Lebt’. The disco numbers are all suitably in the groove, crossing over into some serious funk action on ‘Only You’. When operating in a com and ballads mode, she warmly recalls Jamie Owens-Collins. A variety of keyboards, soulful female bgvs, some disco horns, one instance of saxophone, plus pop strings wrapping themselves around several tracks. She looks quite the goddess on the front cover illustration. Full title continuing around on the back cover is Wie Ein Baum Will Ich Sein In Deinen Garten (translation: I Want To Be Like A Tree In Your Garden). Recorded in England. Same label as the Eden/Yavanna lps. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1You Just Take Me
1-2Ja Er Lebt
1-3You Are Mine
1-5Jo Obey Is Better
2-1Wie Ein Baum 1
2-2Du Bist Immer Da
2-3Only You
2-4Das Echo Seiner Liebe
2-5Wie Ein Baum 2