The Truth (Impact HWS 3014) 1970?








Truth-The Truth-front







These three girls and two guys have nothing to do with the same label’s large group with all the uniforms, horns, and stuff”. With groovy mellow ooh-and—aah female/male harmonies over-top a delicate electric folk-rock base, this quaint little outfit emerges as a first-rate charmer. ‘Three In One’, ‘He Lives And I Live’, ‘What Is Life?’, ‘Singin’ In The Morning’ and ‘Jesus Came’ all totally nail the vibe with their fragile sighing float— away electric ‘60s soft-rock grooves. For the more folk-rock side of the group, check out ‘You Must Be Born Again’. Fans of softies-with—an-edge like We Five and The Sandpipers might want to give these folks a listen. Production is clean and simple, with just guitars (acoustic, electric, bass) and drums for backing – no keyboards, strings or horns. All original songs, a beat, even a faint plugged-in garage angle: it’s the sound all those over-produced “now generation” Youth For Christ groups missed. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Truth-The Truth-back

I have not acquired this album yet.   Thank you George for the front and rear cover photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Three In One3:37
1-2He Lives And I Live3:15
1-3Mary Had A Baby2:57
1-4It Is Good2:37
1-5You Must Be Born Again2:54
2-1What Is Life?2:30
2-2Singin' In The Morning2:35
2-3How Could I Have Forgotten The Lord?2:10
2-4The Word4:06
2-5Jesus Came2:38