The Christ Tree (Pomegranate TC001) 1975









Trees - The Christ Tree - CD front cover

Trees – The Christ Tree –
CD front cover








Stunning beautiful and immensely creative set from four guys and four gals, all adorned in clerical robes and looking fresh off a ‘60s Berkley curbside. There are some absolutely precious melodies within this moody mix of Eastem music, folk, avant garde and new age. A mere listing of the instruments ought to give an idea of the sound: folk harp, sitar, harrnonium, pump organ, zither, recorder, flute, melodica, gong, bells, koto, cheng, belangi, sheng, so—na, flies and bees, Mexican bell wheel, tamboura, shenai… exactly where did they find all these things? Lengthy tracks like ‘Psalm 42’ (12:28), ‘Parable Of The Mustard Seed’ (7:15), ‘Psalm 45’ (8:35) that shift in mood from delicate and contemplative to tribal and cacophonous. Unusual vocal stylings at times include monotone droning or excited chanting (or in the case of ‘Chant For Pentecost’ rhythmically murmured in atonal harmonies at high speed). 60 Trappist monks from The Abbey Of Gethsemani join in the closing ‘Psalm 46’. Very small pressing of 100 or so copies I’m told (a questionable figure since copies do seem to turn up on rare occasion). From the Cathedral Of St. John The Divine. A meticulously crafted masterpiece overflowing with originality. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Trees - Christ (Bck)

TREES -The Christ Tree - CD rear cover

TREES -The Christ Tree – CD rear cover

Thank you George for the front and rear black cover. Thank you Donald for the white rear cover, front and rear CD covers and track list.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Psalm 4212:30
1-2Parable Of The Mustard Seed
2-1Psalm 458:32
2-2O Little Town Of Bethlehem0:44
2-3Village Orchestra1:43
2-4Jesus He Knows2:46
2-5I Will Not Leave You Comfortless1:45
2-6Chant For Pentecost1:14
2-7Psalm 462:24