It’s A Brand New Day (DRP 7750) 1980?








Turner, David - It's A Brand New Day









David Turner is one of those likable do—it-yourself rural rocker kind of guys. Several tracks on his custom record supply palatable easygoing country rock moods, including such songs as ‘Rollin’ Along’, ‘Have You Heard’ and ‘Brand New Day’. On the heavier end stand sturdy rockers like ‘Won’t You Come Along’ and ‘Rockin’ And Rollin’ Along’, the latter boogieing Southern style with some gritty electric guitar. ‘When I Was A Young Boy’ is a fine rural ballad track. Home-made vibe with simple arrangements featuring David on lead guitar, piano and synthesizer, with assistance from Jerry Gaskill on drums and Doug Pinnick on bass (both future members of the groups Sneak Preview and King’s X). All ten songs written by David. Shown on the cover giving the one-way sign, wife by his side From Brookline, Missouri. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet.