Window (New Life NL-0001) 1974















If you remember the ‘70s compilations Jubilation, Too! and The Greatest Of These Is Love, there was a quaint little piano ballad on there called ‘Window’ by an artist named Judy Kelly. Well I don’t what the deal was, if it was just a bonus cut or if Myrrh had planned to release the lp and then backed out or what. All I know is it has been a very difficult album to locate, taking me a full sixteen years! Well worth the search though as it’s a really beautiful thing, full of the vibrant FM folk-rock style of Joni Mitchell (with whom Kelly shares a similar vocal range). Kelly wrote most of the fourteen songs, plays guitar and piano, and is assisted by several friends. ‘Day Star’ in particular sounds dead-on like a lost Joni Mitchell track. ‘Silver’ and ‘Noah’ also spring to life with bustling Mitchell-esque moods, 12-string guitar, drums and bass dynamically interacting with flourishes of electric guitar. Melodic ‘70s singer/songwriter impressions of the Carole King variety can be found on piano-backed titles like ‘Jamie’, ‘Jenny’s Song’ and ‘The Garden’. One of the album’s stand-outs is ‘The Magician’, a chilling folky fuzzed psych track about the devil (based on John 8:44). A real work of art with creative song-writing and solid performances, up there with Barbara Bell in my top five favorite female artists. Includes a fancy gate-fold lyric insert. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Window - Window

Thank you Brian for the rear cover photo.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-3Lullaby You3:26
1-4Day Star2:29
1-5Comfort Me2:42
1-6Happy To See You2:16
2-2The Magician1:56
2-3You Can Pray2:10
2-6Jenny's Song2:47
2-7The Garden3:14