Summer Music Festival (New Wine NW-606) 1977







Summer Music Festival








The coffee-house vibes rule on this wonderful little folk concert memento featuring several of the California New Wine gang. Dave and Odette Farley have a nice delicate yet passionate plaintive style. Ditto for the foursome Mud Creek with their genuine ‘60s Woodstock feel. Bruce Bell re—appears from New Wine 2 with a pair of acoustic tunes. Jim Manley and Jim Strathdee each do two songs unavailable on their solo albums. Both bring humor to the table, Manley with the semi— autobiographical ‘Preacher’s Kid” (“the holy horror of Sunday school”) and Strathdee with ‘Hey Babe! What Can I Say?’ (ya gotta admire a guy who sings openly about performing to a ladies’ luncheon with his fly open or forgetting the drive-thru bank intercom being on when commenting to his wife on the prior night’s amorous activities). The trio Delta Production Co and the ensemble La Habra Community Folk each do an a cappella number. See also Winter Music Festival. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).









I have not acquired this album yet.