Sweet Comfort (Maranatha HS-033) 1977








Sweet Comfort Band-front








The ‘70s certainly had its share of jazzy soft rock bands. Most are pretty forgettable. Sweet Comfort rises above the fluff as fairly competent funksters. Though sometimes sinking into an MOR moment here and there, most of the time they serve up winners, soulful lead vocalist Bryan Duncan be-boppin’ his way through peppy melodic grooves, mid— tempo funky things, and slow smooth lounge crooners. Bryan also provides the keyboards and is joined by Kevin Thomson on bass, Rick Thomson on drums and Randy Thomas on guitars. Good guitar licks, catchy arrangements, slick layered harmonies, infectious song-writing, joyful spirited presentation. At their best doing brassy funk movers (‘It’s So Fine (Soul Tune Boogie)’ and “Let It Go’), animated jazz-rock grooves (“God’s Got A Plan’) and hard-edged rock (‘Get Ready’), the latter with a notable drum solo, Just might get a conservative fella’s feet movin’ in an unguarded moment. Produced by Jonathan David Brown and Tommy Coomes. See also Maranalha 5. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).






Sweet Comfort Band-back








I have not acquired this album yet.  Thank you George For the front and rear cover photos.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1It's So Fine (Soul Tune Boogie)3:02
1-2Ryan's Song4:08
1-3Childish Things2:42
1-4Let It Go2:29
1-5Your Life2:24
2-1Somebody Loves You2:57
2-2His Name Is Whispered3:12
2-3God's Got A Plan3:13
2-4Get Ready3:03
2-5When I Was Alone3:45