Here Comes Sun (no label R—2656) 1971?






Sun - Here Comes Sun








One of those crisp guitar-strumming tambourine-shaking church folk outfits, this one a male/female group of seven from Saint Louis Church in Bellevue, Washington. Lots of familiar songs of the day like ‘I Am The Resurrection’, ‘Gonna Sing My Lord’, ‘God Unlimited’, ‘The Song Is Love’, ‘This Little Light’. Good vibrant vocals, especially the lovely femme lead on “Poor Orphan Child’ with equally compelling cello/flute/guitar accompaniment. One of the gals opens that track in prayer (“fill us with your Spirit so it’ll come out on that tape over there”). ‘Get Together’ features some nice acoustic guitar soloing. On par with things like The New Creation’s Folk Sound Of Freedom. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).









I have not acquired this album yet.