In The Land Of Brick And Mortar (Sharing SC 010) 1980 UK *








Wilson, John - In The Land Of Brick & Mortar








First-rate mesmerizing acoustic gem from quiet introspective British folk-singer. Everything works perfectly here: John’s hushed vocals and heartfelt fragile delivery, gentle hypnotic acoustic guitar, soft psychy phased electric guitar, dreamy background synth, floating flute and recorder, piano, organ, distant spacey female bgv, bass. drums, seagulls, breaking waves, all starkly arranged to weave a haunting ethereal mood. Artsy lyrics and titles like “South Glamorgan’, ‘Who Has Seen The Far-off Lands?’, ‘Solace’, ‘Clouds’, ‘Rising From My Knees Lord’, ‘Confeteor Dei’ and ‘The Tide Turns Around’. Two spoken—word poems adding to the stillness: ‘Sound, Thou Tolling Bell’ and ‘Lament On Calvary Immediately Before The Resurrection”. Striking b&w penand—ink cover drawing of city skyline and gutted brick building. Tiny British Christian label, also home to albums by The Fishers and Graham Davies. Fans of UK folk, loner folk, folk/psych, Nick Drake, Sounds Of Salvation, etc, don’t let this one pass you by! (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

John Wilson, In (Bck)

I have not acquired this album yet,  this is one I’ve been looking for for at least 15 years. I love this art work cover.  Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo and track list.   diakoneo



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Rising From My Knees My Lord
1-2Confeteor Dei
1-3The Tide Turns Round
1-4Poem: Lament On Calvary Immediately Before The Resurrection
1-5Song Of The Witness
1-6Someone Like Me
2-1Poem: Sound, Thou Tolling Bell
2-2In The Land Of Brick And Mortar
2-3South Glamorgan
2-4Who Has Seen The Far-Off Lands