The Word: A Folk Rock Gospel Musical (Parker PR-005) 1972? Australia *








Word, The - A Folk Rock Gospel Musical









Muddy low-tech ultra-home-made Australian life-of—Christ musical written by Rick Kefford, presented by a Methodist youth group. Piano seems to be the primary instrument, with guitars, electric bass and drums periodically attempting to coax the troupe’s sound into rock. Clearly inept with off—key vocals and all, yet touched here and there with a humble appealing “hey we’re trying” enthusiasm. Sounds like a live performance, unison vocals alternating with individual singers. Massive drum action on ‘Come On Jesus’ — you gotta love those “scoo-dooby _ doo” phrases in the background Simple strummed acoustic folk mood ‘ and female singer on ‘Five Wild Swans’. Crude paste-on front cover (black design on green construction paper) and typed back-cover credits. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).







I have not acquired this album yet.