Harvest  (Quest  no #)) 1977







Morphis & Seamons-front






This one was an earlier double album by the boys. This album was released a year before the Best Of Harvest. I did not compare the albums however there were many if not all the tracks were on the shorter second album. I want to thank George for having the album covers for this album.    diakoneo








Morphis & Seamons-back







I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you George for the front and rear cover for this album.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1The Field3:20
1-2No Word Was Heard3:55
1-3(You Gotta) Use What You Hasve3:50
1-4Can You See Who I Am3:05
1-5Cryin' And Tryin'2:42
2-1Don't let Him Get You Down4:00
2-2Father Be With Me2:45
2-4Who Is Saved5:45
3-1Who Giveth To All Me1:35
3-2Father Was a Visionary Man2:45
3-3Can I Believe3:35
3-4Love And Live And Love4:02
3-5You'd Be Mine4:45
3-6Put Away The Man4:30
4-1You Can Be Together3:45
4-3How It All Comes Back3:00
4-4You Are The Sun3:35
4-5Beware The Harvest4:00