God Don’t Make Junk (MIA HIS 474) 1974







Worster, FB - God Don't Make Junk



F B Worster is one of those hippie kind of female folk-singers you can picture sitting on a coffee-house barstool with her sticker-plastered guitar and hair dangling in her eyes. She’s the real thing, too, singing of relationships with deep feelings that run the spectrum from panged whispers to bluesy wailing to impassioned outpourings sung with the conviction of Buffy Sainte-Marie. Fourteen original songs with a simple kind of beauty backed only by her acoustic guitar (the exception being ‘Autumn’s Child’ which adds tabla-like percussion). Titles like ‘Cemetery Song”, ‘A Jew They Call Jesus’, ‘Hello Cyndy’, ‘Song For You And That Guy’, ‘I Know How Hard You’ve Tried’, ‘A Guy Like You’. Comes in a primitive sepia Folkways-style paste-on cover showing her playing guitar in a field. A second cover variation exists with a different photo and the name Linda Worster. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


F.B. Worster - God (Bck)


I have not acquired this album yet.  Thank you Mr. Daad for the track list.  Thank you Donald for the Linda front cover and the rear cover photo. Thank you Donald for another set of album covers.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Cemetery Song
1-2God Don't Make Junk
1-3But Not This Way
1-4The Jew They Call Jesus
1-5Goin' Home
1-6Hello Cyndy
1-7Autumn's Child
2-1Down to the Sea
2-2No More Goodbyes
2-3Christmas Song
2-4Song for You and That Guy
2-5I Know I See You Now
2-6I Know How Hard You’ve Tried
2-7A Guy Like You (Happiness Is)