Airborne (Airbom AR 1003) 1973







Ron Moore-Airborne-front

Airborne – White cover




Moore, Ron - Airborne

Airborne – Blue cover








Airborne is an equally good album, sticking more or less in the same format as Wilmore despite a personnel switch which now includes Ron’s wife Kerry (electric piano), Ed Kilbourne (harmony vocal), and Mark Heard (guitar). On most of the tracks though it’s just Ron by himself, playing such instruments as guitars, fender bass, piano, electric piano, tambourine, mandolin and harmonica. He also plays an ice cream carton on three songs! A number of references to nature within titles like “Hello California’, ‘Good Morning Sunshine’, ‘Frankfort Song’ and ‘Old Mother Winter’. Shifts into acoustic blues for ‘Blow Up’, a song about some hippies who take away a singer’s guitar and burn it in the street. Pat Terry’s ‘1 Can’t Wait (To See Jesus)’ is the album’s only cover song. Both Wilmore and Airborne were re—issued in 1979 on Hartsong, but only the Airbom originals have the large fold-out lyric inserts. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).







Ron Moore-Airborne-back

Airborne – ‘White cover’ – rear cover




Airborne - Blue 'front cover' rear cover

Airborne – Blue ‘front cover’ rear cover










Thank you George for your cover photos. Thank you Donald for the Blue cover front and rear for this album, and the song list.  Blue and White covers have different songs.   diakoneo


Tracks: White cover


Song #Song TitleTime
1-2Hello California5:02
1-3Deep And Down3:29
1-4The Outlaw
1-5I Can't Wait To See Jesus2:25
2-1New To The Capital
2-2Don't Blow Up My Guitar1:59
2-4Justice Makes Me Cry
2-6People And The Power Of The Lord4:52


Tracks: Blue cover


Song #Song TitleTime
1-2Hello California5:02
1-3Down And Deep3:29
1-4Good Mornin' Sunshine3:00
1-5I Can't Wait To See Jesus2:25
2-1Frankfort Song2:16
2-2Blow Up1:59
2-3Kerry's Song (Flight)2:05
2-4Old Mother Winter3:30
2-6People And The Power Of The Lord4:52