Fun In The Son (Prestige 79-156) 1979








Manna - Fun In The Son







Imagine a low-tech home-made version of a pop-rock group like Sweet Comfort Band or Family Tree and you’ve got something close to the sound of these five Arkansas teen guys. Spunky upbeat originals with a disco dance beat, loopy bass lines, and smooth finger-snapping jazz/funk flourishes. Not sure I would have dug it as a big-budget deal, but with just the basic electric line-up it winds up being kind of groovy in an offbeat amusing way. Some simple electric keyboards and even a few guitar leads. Note the hand-claps on ‘Without Love’ and the synth tom-tom blips on ‘Got A Feeling’ and ‘Wink Of An Eye’. ‘Bubblegum’ gets the award for best title. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).








I have not acquired this album yet.