Reflections (Jewel LPS-299) 1972?








Morley, Bob - Reflections








Upon graduation from a Methodist folk trio known as The Light Company (also known as The Newcomers), member Bob Morley proceeded to flood the earth with his innumerable custom—made solo lps. The formula is pretty much the same on all of them: folk/pop covers of popular songs, with one or two selections having a Christian angle. He’s a fine singer and they’re all competent recordings, but it’s hard for me to get excited about renditions of ‘Stop And Smell The Roses’, ‘He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother’, ‘Feelin’ Groovy’, ‘Take Me Home Country Roads’, ‘Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show’, ad infmitum. Here’s where having some original material would have helped immensely. The one exception is The Audience And Bob Morley, recorded live at the United Methodist Young People’s Convention. The in-concert setting on this one really helps to put some personality on the guy. You’re sure to laugh along as he provides humorous commentary through a series of medleys (‘Sunshine Medley’, ’50s Songs Revisited’, ‘Country Boy Medley’ and ‘Amen Medley’). And hey, if local-boy remakes of oldies are your thing, well then you’ll dig the other albums, too. See also Winter Music Festival. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).






Bob Morley - Reflections (Bck)






I have not acquired this album yet.  Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1April, Come She Will1:33
1-2Fire And Rain3:07
1-4Broomstick Cowboy2:47
1-5Bridge Over Troubled Water3:45
1-6Friends With You2:57
2-2Pretty Smart On My Part2:27
2-3Sweet Baby James2:41
2-4You've Got A Friend4:07
2-5Amazing Grace - Let It Be5:54