Friend To Friend (DA-5135) 1980 Canada *


Friend To Friend


Two-lp Canadian independent studio release featuring four different artists, each of whom receives one side of a disc. Immanuel, a 3-guy 2girl folk group, begins the album with six songs in a mellow acoustic format. Titles such as ‘Long Long Ago’, ‘J. C. Sunshine’ and ‘Hiway Home’ are put together with a loving mix of acoustic guitar, vibes, flute, bass and gentle harmonies. Side two’s Don Falk is the stand-out on this collection, his five songs having an artful folk style somewhere between Bruce Cockbum and Gordon Lightfoot. ‘Can’t Buy A Friend’, ‘Cottonwood Song’ and. ‘Long Way To Heaven’ all sparkle with relaxed nature Vibes backed solely by Don’s finger-picked acoustic guitar. The three semi—long-haired guys known as Iron River Road contribute four longer songs with a soft pastoral mixture of acoustic guitar, piano and bass. The playful ‘Look Inside’ includes some jazzy flute backing, while the ballads ‘To Be Free’ and ‘Elk River Trail’ seem touched with an air of sadness. The quintet Bondservant closes with a set of five songs, all of which also appear on their first NewBorn lp, although the versions here have simpler arrangements with less polish in the production. Mostly mellow tunes, backed by either piano (‘Sing Unto The Lord) or acoustic guitar (the delicate ballad ‘Sonshine Miracle’), although ‘Don’t You Know’ roughs things up slightly mm its lead electric guitar. Fold-out cover with pictures of the artists on the inside, plus lyric insert.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Friend To Friend (In Lt)

Friend To Friend (In Rt)

Friend To Friend (Bck)


I have not acquired this album yet.   Thank you Donald for the inside gate-fold and rear cover photos as well as the song list.



Song #Song TitleTime
Side 1 – Immanuel
1-1Long Long Ago3:10
1-2J.C. Sunshine3:06
1-3Harvest Crunch3:50
1-6Hiway Home3:23
Side 2 – Don Falk
2-1Can’t Buy A Friend3:40
2-2Roll On River Jordan3:02
2-3Cottonwood Song4:05
2-4Long Way To Heaven4:19
Side 3 – Iron River Road
3-1Look Inside6:30
3-2Jesus Was A Lover4:25
3-3To Be Free5:25
3-4Elk River Trail5:21
Side 4 – Bondservant
4-1Sing Unto The Lord3:17
4-2Sonshine Miracle3:28
4-3Don’t You Know4:32
4-4Psalm 1213:29
4-5Child Like Faith4:47