You And I (Joy Productions JP—TM-1-19-79) 1979?







Malina, Terrence John James - You And I







Admirable custom-made sampling of acoustic rock and rural folk-rock originals. Malina’s brisk acoustic guitar work is typically at the center, supplemented by bass, drums, piano and electric guitar. The latter together with steel guitar brings a country angle to several songs, including lively numbers like ‘I Am The Way’ (nice CSN—ish strums), ‘The Love In My Life’, ‘Celebrate Him’ and ‘The River’. The moody acoustic ballad “To You My Love’ is beautifully expressed. Some fuzz licks in the background of ‘A Long And Happy Day’ and the bluesy instrumental ‘The Seeker’. Decent voice, even if he does wander slightly off-key at times. Doesn’t say where it’s from, although there’s a thanks to “the YFCI crew”, which would be Youth For Christ International. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).















I have not acquired this album yet.