Brother of the Son (NewPax NP-33010) 1976


Don Francisco-Brother To The Son-front


Popular ccm singer/songwriter, perhaps best known for bringing Bible stories to life via dramatic songs, like ‘He’s Alive’ and ‘Adam, Where Are You?’ (from Forgiven) and ‘Got To Tell Somebody’ and ‘Too Small A Price” (from Got To T ell Somebody). Francisco’s debut Brother Of The Son aims for the rural folk-singer and country-rock vibe, Nashville-ized to a degree, but still sufficiently down home. Forgiven and Got To Tell Somebody are smoother and more ccm-ish due the strings, ballads and bigger arrangements, but both still retain a few hands-off countrified moods, especially when the fiddle and steel guitar get in there. Numerous other albums followed in the ‘80s. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Don Francisco-Brother-back


I have not acquired this album yet.   Thank you George for both cover photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Brother Of The Son 2:57
1-2Who You Gonna Listen To 2:25
1-3Closer To Jesus 3:00
1-4I Found The Answer 3:27
1-5Voyage To Gennesaret 2:29
2-1Holy Roll 2:49
2-2The Day Of The Lord 3:05
2-3Got To Tell The Story 3:06
2-4No Condemnation 2:59
2-5Come And Follow 4:29