Prepare The Way For Jesus (no label 6810.114) 1974? UK? *


Philips front from Holland front 1973


Forerunners, The - Prepare The Way For Jesus


Prepare The Way For Jesus has a somewhat different sound from their earlier lps. Instead of cranking out folk standards, they’ve broadened into a tighter electric light rock style with an emphasis on original song-writing. Still some string orchestration, piano ballads and MOR leanings to deal with, but overall I’d say they improved a great deal. In fact the format is at times not too distant from guy/gal Jesus music groups like Parable and Suncast. Good samplings of rural folk-rock (‘Early Misty Morning’, ‘Conversation’, ‘Thank God For’), banjo country folk (‘Wood, Stubble And Hay’) and soft moody ballads (‘Clouds Without Water’). I’m not entirely sure what country this pressing is out of, but the slim laminated cover suggests somewhere out of Europe. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Philips label S1 from Holland 1973



Philips label S2 from Holland 1973


Philips Rear cover from Holland 1973

Forerunners - Prepare (Bck)


I have not acquired this album yet.  Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo and the song list.  Thank you Discogs forn the Philips label photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Prepare The Way
1-2Early Misty Morning
1-4The God Who Is There
1-6Wood, Stubble And Hay
2-1Somebody Love You
2-2Oh Heaven
2-3Clouds Without Water
2-4Thank God For
2-5Where Can I Go
2-6Prepare The Way