The 4th Movement (Tryangle TY 1212011) 1980


4th movement, the


As Darth Vader might say: “The fuzz is strong on this one”. Monster home-made lp from three black brothers with eyes set back ten years toward heavy bluesy fuzzed-out Hendrix sounds, With Bobby Hackney on bass and lead vocals, Dennis Hackney on drums, and David Hackney tearin’ away on lead guitar, this is heavy classic rock that kicks big tirne, but not at the expense of melody and texture as the soulful tracks that fill out side two attest. Lots of distortion and whammy bar on the leads and frequently layered with a hazy rhythm guitar wall of sound. ‘Revelation’s Eve’, ‘Always At Your Door’, ‘He Even Reigns Today’, ‘The Christ In You’, ‘Key To Paradise’ and ‘Jesus (Please Come)’ are some of the titles. Phasing is used on ‘Life Without End’ – a hushed dreamy psych gem that effortlessly carries you into the ethereals. Play at maximum volume. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

See Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for a write-up on both bands Death and 4th Movement. Found here it also lists the death of David Hackney in 2000 from lung cancer.      diakoneo   I have also started a new page in memory of those who have gone home. If you are aware of any that I have not discovered yet let me know and I will add them.


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I have not acquired this album yet.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Revelation's Eve2:32
1-2Always At Your Door3:54
1-3The Christ In You3:59
1-4Seeking The Life That's To Be3:20
1-5The Build Up2:49
1-6You'll Never Do Wrong3:31
2-1He Even Reigns Today4:17
2-2Don't You Think Your Life Is Worth It3:11
2-3Life Wtihout End7:01
2-4Key To Paradise2:06
2-5Love And Music3:19
2-6Jesus (Please Come)3:00