Lion’s Breath (Daybreak HIS 2103) 1976












Although Morning Prayers and One Way Home are wonderful records, Lion’s Breath is exceptional. More rock oriented than the others, often drawing near the early ‘70s natural country folk-rock realm of Arlo Guthrie. ‘Troubadour’, ‘Celebrate The Son’, ‘Stephanie’s Song’, ‘Teach Your Children’, “Lead A Horse To Water’ and ‘Ecology Song’ all fall into this category, the latter featuring a rustic mix of banjo, dulcimer and mandolin. Also a couple excursions into the rural rock neighborhood of Neil Young, ‘Song For A Sister (Welcome To The Family)’ and the closing ‘Lion’s Song’ being the prime examples, both first-rate cuts that feature hard-edged electric guitar leads. The rural ballad ‘Open Their Hearts’ also benefits from skillful electric soloing. ‘Gethsemane’ with its somber piano melody and cascading mandolin is an especially dynamic piece. ‘Moming Prayers’ has appeared on each of his albums with its heartening chorus of “let there be light, let there be trees) let there be coffee, Christ live in me”. All eleven songs written by Steve and Becky Brown. The cover features a photo of a lion’s head — looks like it belongs in the same gallery as some of those Aslan groups. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet.Thank you George for the cover photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-2Celebrate The Son2:25
1-3Morning Prayers3:03
1-4Ecology Song2:44
1-5Stephanie's Song2:28
1-6Teach Your Children3:25
2-1Song For A Sister (Welcome To The Family)4:05
2-3Lead A Horse To Water2:11
2-4Open Their Hearts2:55
2-5Lion's Song3:53