Dear friends,

I am proud to announce the release of my 7th commercial CD, “Breath of Dawn.”

Read below for information provided by my online distributor, CD Baby, which includes a direct link to their digital portal where you can hear each of the tracks, read what others have said about my music, and, hopefully, make a purchase of either a physical CD or a digital download (which you’d have in just a matter of minutes and for a few dollars less). Help a starving artist! Well, not actually starving, but your support is so important to the success of this new release. I’m confident that you will enjoy what you hear and that you will find the experience peaceful with music that you will play again and again.

Many thanks for your support.



Friends of Independent Music:

We commend your impeccable musical taste and wanted to let you know that Paul F. Page has a brand new release out now. It just went live on our website for sale, and we just had to let you know FIRST since you’re one of the few hip and wise people who “knew him way back when.”

The new album is called Breath of Dawn.

If this release is being sold as a physical CD, it could become a hot commodity very quickly! So if you find it sold out already by the time you visit our site, don’t fret! You can still place an order with your credit card. You will not be charged up front. When we receive more stock, we’ll ship the item to you and charge your card at that point.

To purchase this music now or to hear some sound samples first, click here:

Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for supporting independent music!


The CD Baby Team