Journey (Myrrh MSB-6635) 1980







Ayala, Bob - Journey





As with most Myrrh albums from this time period, Journey finds itself mostly within a mellow pop/ccm and ballads format. There’s an occasional light rock edge, but overall the album seems significantly softer than his previous two. Here the music takes a back seat to the lyrical concerns, which includes such topics as child neglect (‘Dear God’), a martyred Soviet believer (‘Vanya’), empty Christian marriages (‘We’ve All Seen Them’), Bob’s personal testimony (the title track), confession (‘Valerie’) and get-rich Christians (‘Positive Confession’). ‘Beauty For Ashes’ closes the album with a touch of Dan Fogelberg. Among the participants are David Diggs, Al Perkins, Richard Souther and Malcolm Wild. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Anna 2:38
1-2Dear God 3:20
1-3Head In The Clouds 3:35
1-4We've All Seen Them 3:20
1-5Vanya 3:10
1-6Little Praise Song 1:12
2-1Journey 4:25
2-2Valerie 3:53
2-3Positive Confession 3:02
2-4On My Way 3:17
2-5Beauty For Ashes 2:29