Happy Day (No label PP1076) 1976?





Zion - Happy Day



This seven-person Pennsylvania folk outfit has a very amateur home-made sound, yet there’s often a simple charm within their modest interpretations of songs like ‘The Truth Shall Make You Free’, ‘The New 23rd”, ‘For Those Tears l Died’ and ‘I Saw The Light’. Also covers of three songs by the Medical Mission Sisters (“Praise God’, ‘Easter Song’, ‘Love Your Brother’). Mostly just the four girls on lead vocals, creatively harmonized, with one of the guys taking over here and there. Tunes are typically backed by acoustic guitar, electric bass and drums, with the occasional addition of electric guitar, piano, string synthesizer or organ. Look for the happy face shirt and Pinto on the back cover pics. From Slippery Rock, PA. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

I have not aquired this album yet.