Happenings At The Gathering (KFUO 68-4585) 1968





Happenings At The Gathering




This ultra-obscure 3-record set documents a 1968 Lutheran youth convention held at Purdue University. What makes the project of interest is some excellent solo acoustic material from none other than John Ylvisaker. Included here are live covers of ‘A Gay Cliche”, “A Crimson Christmas Rose’, ‘Alone In The City’, ‘Joseph And Mary’, ‘Cool Livin’ and the non-1p ‘Two Little Fishes And Five Loaves Of Bread’. Not only that but you actually get to hear the guy pronounce his name! There are also some songs performed by Robert Edwin, three acoustic ones, a swinging electric basement cover of ‘With Joy’, and an audience sing-along. He stops the audience from clapping on ‘The Times Are A—Changin’, stating “listen to the words, they’re important to ya now”. Unfortunately the rest of the album suffers from putrid production, as if it were recorded with a cheap portable recorder back in the 200th row. On some sets like the male guitar-banjo folk group Mustard Seed you can hear audience talking and laughter that’s actually louder than the music! Others like the soulful rock of The Blue Flame sound like a muddy swirl of overpowering organ, thick drums and garagy electric guitar, with indecipherable vocals in there somewhere. Also includes convention singing, the Ft. Wayne “Swingers”, youth musical selections from ‘For Mature Adults Only’ and ‘For Heaven’s Sake’, none of which are particularly interesting. Roughly three of the six sides consist of snippets of messages from various speakers on topics such as racism, poverty and hunger. So overall you can probably salvage only an EP’s worth of stuff here, but what’s there is essential for the Ylvisaker connoisseur. Produced by radio station KFUO, with warnings “not licensed to broadcast’ on the labels. Packaged in an open-out folder-type cover with cool psychedelic orange and brown lettering and designs on the front. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Happenings At (Bck)



I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo and the track list.



Song #Song TitleTime
R01 –S01 - Folk Songs
1-1 Robert Edwin
With Joy1:05
The Times They Are Changin’3:49
Lord, Make Me An Instrument Of Your Peace2:17
1-2 John Ylvisaker
A Gay Cliché3:20
A Crimson Christmas Rose2:33
Alone In The City3:03
Two Little Fishes And Five Loaves Of Bread2:47
R01 - S02 - Outdoor Folk / Rock Concert
2-1Mustard Seed - Midnight Hour 1:52
Mustard Seed - Up Up and Away 3:05
2-2Robert Edwin & Convention - - Get Together 2:262:26
2-3Robert Edwin - We Shall Overcome 6:09
2-4Blue Flame - Hold On, I’m Comin’ 6:52
2-5Convention - Clap Your Hands 4:05
R02 - S01 – Folk Songs / Musicals / Coffee House
3-1John Ylvisaker – Joseph & Mary / Cool Livin’6:54
3-2For Mature Adults Only – Stevie’s Song / Preaching machine3:58
For Mature Adults Only - Adam Was A Man 4:28
3-3Coffee House Encounter: A Black Clergyman / Tells It Like It Is3:39
3-4For Heaven’s Sake: A Mighty Fortress Is Our Church2:02
For Heaven’s Sake: For Heaven’s Sake
R02 - S02 – Hunger / Poverty / Racism
4-1Rev. Duane Mehl, Bible Lecturer
4-2Senator Vance Hartke, Indiana
4-3Dr. L. David Brown, Director Of Youth Ministries, American Lutheran Church
4-4Barry Flemming Of Canada
R03 - S01 - Convention Business
5-1Convention Business
R03 -S02 -Convention Action
6-1Convention Action