Let The Days Go By (Island  ILPS 9287)  1973  UK *




This album by Bryn was recorded in 1973.  It was in the time during which Sally [Bryn’s wife] and Bryn were searching as they both became Christians in 1974. There are several tunes with harmonica, mandolin, it ends with Bryn playing his slide guitar on an instrumental. More folkish and blue grassy probably than later albums but there are strong Christian overtones throughout the album.  Definitely worth a listen.    diakoneo



Inner Sleeve Same On Both Sides

Inner Sleeve
Same On Both Sides


Bryn Haworth - Let (Bck)


Thank you Donald for the sleeve and rear cover photos and the song list.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Grappenhall Rag2:59
1-2All I Want3:32
1-3I Won't Lie (This Time)4:10
1-4Ee I Love You Lass2:12
1-5Miss Swiss2:09
1-6Let The Days Go By3:38
2-1Get Yourself A Man2:43
2-2Time Has Come4:21
2-3Whims And Ways3:10
2-4All I Need Is A Home3:15
2-5Anywhere You Want to Be 3:03