The Gap (Chapel Lane/Star Song  CLS 8004/SSR-0037) 1980 UK *


Bryn haworth - Gap (Ch Fnt)(1)Chapel Lane Cover

Haworth, Bryn - The GapStar Song Cover


A more underground bluesier grittier rock direction for this excellent effort that features the backing of the Eric Clapton Band (Dave Markee, Chris Stainton, Henry Spinetti and Bruce Rowland). Clapton himself doesn’t appear though the overall sound is similar, with Haworth offering some splendid electric guitar. No orchestration this time. Some prime rock and roll on ‘New World Coming’ with Stainton gettin’ down on piano. Mandolin, harpolek and mandocello fashion a beautiful acoustic mood on ‘New Jerusalem’. Other titles: ‘The Gap’, ‘Egypt’, ‘I Can Do All Things’, ‘It Could Have Been Me’, ‘Power Of The Holy Spirit’, ‘More Of You’, ‘No Time’, and ‘Send Down The Rain”. Later released in the US on Star Song (SSR-0037) in a different cover, with the “Larry Norman presents” tag. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Bryn haworth - Gap (Ch Bck)

Bryn Haworth - Gap (Bck)



Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo for the Star Song album and for the front and rear photos for the Chapel Lane album.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1The Gap4:51
1-3I Can Do All Things2:46
1-4New World Coming2:59
1-5It Would Have Been Me4:13
2-1Power Of The Holy Spirit2:49
2-2More Of You3:45
2-3New Jerusalem
2-4No Time2:34
2-5Send Down The Rain4:53