Grand Arrival (A&M AMLH 68462) 1978 UK *


Haworth, Bryn - Grand Arrival


A slightly more pop-minded commercial record than Sunny Side Of The Street, but no less enjoyable ‘Come See What Love” opens the album with an irresistibly sleek string-backed groove, followed by the graceful mandolin-layered melody of “Nothing Without You’. Slide guitar spices up bluesy boogie/shuffle numbers like ‘We’re All One’ and ‘Beans On Toast’, while the ballad ‘Sing To The Lord’ constructs a quieter mood with mandolin and jazzy saxophone. Title track draws its theme from the Second Coming. Unlike the previous and subsequent album, Grand Arrival was co-released in the United States. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Come See What Love4:28
1-2Nothing Without You3:41
1-3Woman Friend3:00
1-5We're All One4:13
2-1The Grand Arrival4:42
2-2Sing To The Lord3:42
2-3Full Day3:28
2-4Summer Wine4:28
2-5Beans On Toast4:43