Lord Doctor (Freedom Light N S-2037) 1972?



Johnson had previously headed up the heavy blues-rock trio The Exkursions, providing both lead chops and vocals. Lord Doctor finds him once again with a band, but in a somewhat quieter context. The 6 minute ‘Cause And Effect’ and 8 minute ‘Pride’ open the album in more of a progressive classic rock direction, the latter track with an aggressive synthesizer and drum intro reminiscent of The Moody Blues. Acoustic ballads are aplenty on this outing: ‘The World Rejoiced’, ‘Lovin’ Me Lovin’ You’, ‘The Old Captain’ and the title cut. Still a good deal of electric action ~ more subdued but with a good strong underground feel. And ‘That Train Keeps Rollin’ certainly rocks with confidence, tapping back into that old bluesy Exkursions style. Country edge on ‘Your Friends Keep Callin’ and the Jew’s-harp twangin’ ‘Happy’. One of them all-around Jesus music classics. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Cause And Effect6:00
1-3The World Rejoiced3:25
1-4That Train Keeps Callin'3:59
2-1Lovin' Me Lovin' You4:32
2-2The Old Captain3:12
2-3Your Friends Keep Callin'2:53
2-4Lord Doctor4:52