Gentle Spirit (CAM 1543) 1974


Johnson, Mike - Gentle Spirit (CAM)

Johnson, Mike - Gentle Spirit (JoySong)


As the title suggests, this album is a reflection of Mike’s gentler side – a notably different style from both his earlier Freedom Light customs and his later more polished NewPax recordings. Keyboards play a bigger role than in the past, supplied herein by Sonlight’s Harlan Rogers. Piano carries the melody on the pop-edged ‘Gather ‘Round’, as well as ballads like ‘Joseph’s Song’, the eight-minute ‘Time Has Come’ and ‘The Healing’, the latter’s theme being that God still heals today. Electric piano appears on the light-n-jazzy ‘Feelin’ Good’. Also effective use of mellotron in spots. A few songs still have an acoustic guitar focus, such as the title track (which recalls the Lord Doctor-era ballads) and the childlike tunes ‘Forgive’ and ‘La La’, Originally released on the Oklahoma City custom label CAM, with an attractive dove illustration on the front. Later picked up by JoySong/NewPax (J 833012), the front cover replaced with a photo of Mike. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

It is with a sad heart that I just discovered that Mike has gone home. He will be missed here but will surely be welcomed home. I wish I didn’t discover so many blessed musicians having gone home. But I guess that is the curse of researching this topic. Rest in Peace our brother.  Thank you for the memories and touching the hearts of many for Jesus.

Michael Craig “Mike” Johnson

Birth: Oct. 11, 1945


Cook County

Illinois, USA

Death: Feb. 9, 2013


Davidson County

Tennessee, USA

Michael Craig Johnson passed into the loving arms of Jesus around 10 pm, February 9, 2013 from cardiac arrest. He was 67. For additional information you can google to read the Obituaries.    diakoneo


Mike Johnson - Gentle (Cam Bck)

Mike Johnson - Gentle (Day Bck)


Thank you Donald for the second rear cover.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1They're Loving You 3:09
1-2Gather 'Round 2:48
1-3Forgive 3:12
1-4Feelin' Good 1:58
1-5Joseph's Song 5:34
2-1Gentle Spirit 4:31
2-2The Healing 4:31
2-3La La 2:58
2-4Time Has Come 8:07