Last Of The Convertibles (Moonsound, no #) 1980


Johnson & Olsen - Last Of The Convertibles


Kurt Johnson mid Jimi Olsen. Two Minnesota guys skipping around from folk to country to light rock on their hit-and-miss custom lp. Several novelty numbers, including the cornball kids sing-along ‘Bedtime Story’, the bluegrass-pickin’ “Grandpa’s Prayer Meeting’ and the trombone-backed “Lazy River’, the latter with the semi-precious lyric “sometimes that milk and honey turns to sour cream; but take that sour cream and put it on the baked potato of life.” ‘Let Love Grow’ and ‘My Judas Eyes’ are decent soft rock songs, but the prize-taker is ‘Vanity’ with its hard rock edge and muscular electric guitar work. One of the guys’ voices can be kind of deep and dramatic, but the other dude is fine (they take turns singing lead on different songs). Instruments include acoustic and electric guitars, slide guitar, banjo, pedal steel, bass, piano and drums. Also nice use of dulcimer and mandolin on a couple songs. Sepia cover photo of the duo in an old-fashioned convertible. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Johnson & Olsen - Last Bck)


I have not acquired this album yet.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1118:24 2:34
1-2Grandpa's Prayer Meeting 3:37
1-3The Healer 2:23
1-4Let Love Grow 2:55
1-5Lonely Man 4:17
1-6Lazy River 2:18
2-1Bedtime Story 4:18
2-2Just Let Go 2:40
2-3My Judas Eyes 3:47
2-4Vanity 2:56
2-5Burning Bridges 3:08
2-6Instruments 3:40