First Love (SJD 1031) 1978?


First Love


Seven-person Princeton, New Jersey outfit with respectable electric folk-rock/pop-rock style. Melodic songs with a touch of Parable or Children Of The Day, female lead vocals (mostly)> male/female harmonies, 12-string and electric guitars, piano, flute and an occasional bit of brass (which didn’t seriously annoy this horn hater too much). A number of original songs written by members John and Joni Volz, such. as ‘Be My Security’, ‘Crowd Gathered’, ‘Journey’s End’ and the slow swingin’ jazz-bluesy ‘Blue Collar’. Switches to a husky Barry McGuire sound-alike for an energized trip through Paul Field’s ‘Light Of The World’ (also found on Barry McGuire’s Have You Heard). Also a cover of Chuck Girard’s ‘Hear The Angels Sing’. Some minor off-key singing reminding you that it’s a custom production. Nice home-made cover design. The band had at least one other album, 1981’s Nothing Can Keep Me Away. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


First Love - First (Bck)(3)



I have not found this album yet.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1First Love
1-3More Than The World
1-4Blue Cross
1-5Wanna Let You Know
2-1Light Of The World
2-2Crowd Gathered
2-3Hear The Angels Sing
2-4Journey’s End